Meet the Team

Jeba is an active member of the Muslim Student Association and a counselor for Camp Kesem. She is also currently working on filtering Islamophobia from Wikipedia and as an policy intern to overhaul Arizona's bias crime laws.

Jeba Sania


Tanner is a course 6-3 student passionate about initiatives serving FLI students. He also is serving as the Lead Advisor for the MIT First Gen. Program. His hobbies include music (piano) and dance!

Tanner Bonner

Special Projects Coordinator

Dheekshita is a 2A, 6-2 double-major who cares too much about too many things. In addition to CASE, she spends a lot of time doing musical theater, singing in various ensembles, binge-reading books, and researching decarbonization/clean energy strategies!

Dheekshita Kumar

Publicity Coordinator

A physics major from Chicago, Giselle enjoys spending time with her nephews, reading, writing, trying out new recipes, and learning Japanese. This is her third year with CASE.

Giselle Galan


Yu Jing is a 2022 studying 11-6 (Urban Studies and Planning with Computer Science)! Outside of CASE, you can always catch her doing random things. For funsies, she likes exploring cities, vibing to good music, going to free events like popup concerts or arts fairs, and of course, delivering a good math pickup line.

Yu Jing Chen

Events Coordinator

Kevin loves literature so you can find him reading books late at night. More realistically, though, he is probably playing video games on his switch.

Kevin Awoufack

Thrifty Coordinator

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