MIT's awareness and advocacy group for the low-income student community

What We Do

Class Awareness, Support, and Equality (CASE) is a student group which engages the MIT community with discourse and initiatives to raise awareness related to class background and financial hardships at MIT.

Some of our recent activities include the #MoneyMatters campaign, the food insecurity assistance project, and the creation of the thrifty resource website! We also have hosted workshops (our FinLit series on financial literacy), meet-ups, and discussion events to bring together the community.



Improve the MIT community’s awareness of class disparities and knowledge of the socioeconomic status (SES) system.


Provide information regarding resources on and off campus that would best help students undergoing adversities related to socioeconomic status


Provide a supportive community and atmosphere through which students feel comfortable engaging in meaningful dialogue surrounding class-based issues and participating in CASE forums


Work with MIT administrators to create and implement effective solutions to ease financial strains that incoming and current students will face on campus


We're always excited to hear about people who want to get involved! If you have a passion for a particular project that you think aligns with our goals, come talk to us and we can help you get started. Questions or Comments? Still reach out!!


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